Short #050 - 09/10/11

Well here we are at last. The big 50. Its been tough at times. Late ideas, illness, disagreements. But we pushed past that and now here we stand with 50 comic in the archive. What started out as a simple dream a few years ago now rests before us. Ok. Enough of the philosophical mumbo jumbo. All that’s left for us to do now is continue making comics. Maybe one day we will even have a site that’s popular. Well I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the future brings.

50 comics already. I feel somewhat old. Still before i get nostalgic, apologies for the sick leave when this comic should've been done, thankfully it gave me an excuse to work on it a bit more before publishing it. The "real" us were traced from photographs at tom's birthday party (Jack was kind enough to take them for us). After experimenting with different colouring schemes, i concluded "Colour sucks", however the grey background seemed somehow appealing. Whilst it took a bit of time to make, i did enjoy making this comic. Knowing me, don't think this'll be the last time we see the real CI team in a comic (the forth wall jokes will be endless!). The web sites been fun thus far, and as long as Tom sends me an idea my tablet will always be in use. See you next comic!

sonic p1.mp3