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Have you ever been shopping for food groceries, got to the supermarket , went round the supermarket finding stuff, waited in the queue, finally paid at the till, got bagged up and set of back home. So when you get home go in the kitchen to put stuff away open the freezer door and then the polar bear from the birds eye adverts jumps out from behind some frozen peas and then starts throwing stuff at you. That's right throwing everything out of my Neatly packed freezer everywhere, in a tizzy fit just because i brought the cheaper brand of fish fingers. So I'm stood there in a daze with a bag of shopping in one hand and a cheap box of fish fingers in the other and then birds eye polar bear starts running out of frozen items so decides throw fish fingers at my HEAD. And then Peter decides to come round and instead of helping me he just stands there with his fishing net trying to catch fish fingers because he is hungry. And you want to know what the really annoying thing is peter asked me to get the cheaper brand as he prefers them. I'm angry at Peter now

Rant 5 - 06/09/11