Christmas special 2011

Christmas special!!

This one was so much fun to work on if a little bit stressful. The original idea I had back towards the middle of November was similar to this but everyone had about a quarter of a verse compared to now. But regardless, I suggested it to ben, who liked the concept but not the length. So over the next couple of weeks, we both worked on little verses for everyone, compared them, made adjustments, and after a lot of effort we had this. All that was left was for ben to spend a week and a half drawing it. Credit to him on a job well done.

Also 50 points for our biggest comic yet.

Extra 100 points to anyone who can correctly name each person at the end and which person is which.

Most time consuming comic EVER. Seriously if it wasn't for Zaks’ guest comic it never would have got done so extra thanks to him. After doing several panels, Changing some colour schemes, making backgrounds, making PANEL backgrounds (which still suck) and yelling obscenities at a number of blue screens of death (5 to be precise) it is finally finished. and believe it or not there's not much to say. Messing around with heather, Rosie and Zaks' CI looks was kinda fun, though i need to find a way to distinguish the female characters from each other. And a few of the panels were fun to draw (especially that last one), and about the panels without colour, you might call it lazy, i call it artistic. Anyway im gonna go open some presents. Merry Christmas.

Oh one last thing, exams are coming up so i think im gonna take quite a large break to revise. Dunno if Toms gonna get a few guests in but the site might go on hiatus for a bit until exams are over. sorry.

sonic p1.mp3